The DA5 remittance business allows business partners to serve as an avenue in sending out or receiving money internationally or domestically via Western Union. The business partners earn from every remittance whether it is a sending out or a receiving a transaction. The more transactions processed, the higher the profit.


To apply as a DA5 remittance business partner, the following requirements must be complied with and submitted to DA5:
Should include a list of shareholders/owners and key officers
Discussion of the nature of the company’s business as well as their current target market
  • Two-years Full Audited Financial Statement
Income Tax Return with BIR Stamp
  • Bank Statement (3 months backward)
  • Photos of the locations / branches (frontage, counter, back office)
  • Location Map of the locations/branches
  • 2 valid IDs issued by the government (Driver license, SSS, Passport, etc.)
    ** If Corporation, need to submit a photocopy of their IDs
    for those Directors / Owners with more than 10% ownership.
  • DA5 Application Form
  • Photocopy of Business Permit
  • BIR 2303 (Certificate of Registration)
  • Security Token – Php 3,000.00
  • Money Transfer License


Once the application has been approved, the business partner shall ensure that its branch is equipped with the following:
  • Computer Set
  • Printer
  • 2 Mbps or higher bandwidth Internet Connection
  • Scanner or Photocopier
  • Telephone or Cellphone