The Remittance Agent License (RAL) is a license that is being required and issued by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) to all qualified remittance locations.

DA5 provides assistance to interested business partners in securing the RAL the requirement are:

  • Original copy of Mayors Permit (please include Money Remittance/Money Transfer as other line of business)
Please include attach municipal receipts indicating additional payment corresponding to additional business activity indicated/added in your business permit (original or photocopy)
Request for a certification from municipal treasurer indicating payment of additional business activity
  • Original Copy of DTI (Proprietorship), SEC (Corporation), CDA (Cooperative)
  • Two (2) passport-size photos of signatory
  • Photocopy of two (2) valid IDs of signatory
  • BSP-RAL enrollment fee of Php1,000.00 per location
  • Sub-Representative Agreement
  • AMLA Seminar fee of Php300.00 per participant