DA5 is one of the leading authorized direct agents of Western Union in the Philippines. Since its birth in 2006 with only a handful of staff, DA5 has grown to accommodate a family of services including bills payment and prepaid card retailing.
While DA5’s efforts have been honored by Western Union since its first year of operation, the company recognizes that its laurels are not the plaques and certificates it has received, rather it is the countless dreams of fellow Filipinos they helped realize over the years.

It is the company’s mission to provide superior personalized service through its staff of dedicated people. To fulfill this mission, it is dedicated to:

Partnering with our sub-agents,
Taking advantage of technology,
Rewarding employee achievement, and
Maximizing profitability of company and its sub-agent partners.

Core Values
Its Value for Doing Good Business is quite simple. There are no small jobs in the company. It encourages each and every one to focus and be proactive on the following:

Responding to the ever-changing needs of its sub-agent partners and clients,
Cultivating good work ethics from its people,and
Maximizing returns for its stakeholders.

Founded in 2006, Direct Agent 5, Inc. is a joint venture company consisting of national confederation of cooperatives together with well-established companies primarily engaged in the following businesses: pawnshop, money changing, shopping malls and food shops. The group saw the synergy of working together by combining the location strength of their own diversified networks to reach the clientele of WU money transfer services. On November 27, 2006, the company processed its first money transfer service transaction.
While still on its first year of operation, DA5, Inc. won its first international recognition from Western Union by being awarded as the direct agent in the Asia-Pacific Region with the HIGH PERCENTAGE GROWTH IN TRANSACTION for 2007. The award was given on March 2008 during the Asia-Pacific Agent Summit in Bangkok, Thailand. This is the fastest recorded achievement by any Direct Agent.
Throughout the years the company has launched new products and services for existing and potential partners. The DA5 family continues to strive in delivering worthwhile services in hopes of an empowered Filipino community.

Awards and Citations

Business Champion Award, Highest Percentage Growth in Transactions for 2007, 2008, Western Union – Asia-Pacific Agent Summit, Bangkok, Thailand
Business Champion Award, Western Union, 2010
Location Activation Champion, Western Union, 2011
Fastest Expanding Network, Western Union, 2011
Western Union hands pilot use for WUPOS program and takes lead in selling its improved rewards card, the Western Union Prepaid Card, 2012